This site is for people who like to travel, are open to new sensations, value beauty and agree with the saying that "A picture says more than a thousand words". Only with words it is not possible to communicate the diversity and perfection of our world. Enchanting nature, extraordinary architecture, astonishing animals and of course "we", the people, so different yet so similar, we all exist at one time and share this wonderful world. Throughout our life each of us is able to capture only a small glimpse of the total picture. Many things parish or undergo tremendous changes while we strive to save in our memories as much as possible, putting together our feelings and impressions into one unity. This is the only way we can understand this world and our place in it. With your help we will try to collect piece by piece, like a mosaic, images which many people have captured in various parts of the world. Each photo transmits not only the view, but also the mood and sentiments of our contemporaries. We can compare our impressions and the picture will be more full and glorious. We will see places where we have not been before and choose our next traveling destinations. We will show things which are close to us and understandable as well as those which might seem alien and bizarre. In our images we will try to embody the escaping beauty and everything new, equally wonderful and then it will forever remain with us.

We need this because we love our planet.